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Our highly trained Workshop Presenters offer workshops worldwide, to provide family members, educators, therapists, and other support people with an affordable means of accessing high-quality training in the Davis Programs.


Attending one or more of our workshops will give you the ability to use the Davis Autism Approach programs to help an autistic individual in your home, school, workplace or therapy setting. You will also have an ongoing network of support from like-minded people who are passionate about helping individuals with neurodiversity to create positive change in their lives through a respectful, strength-based approach. 


Our workshops offer the ideal opportunity to provide professional and coordinated wrap-around care for autistic individuals, which can be tailored to their age and specific needs.

Davis Stepping Stones Workshop

Beginning steps to the Davis Autism Approach program


Davis Stepping Stones is for those who, due to age or ability, are not yet able to access the full Davis Autism Approach program. It has been designed specifically for individuals under 8 years old, as well as individuals of any age with limited (or no) language.


This  two-day workshop takes you through every step of the Davis Stepping Stones Program, providing exceptional training on how to best work with a child at home, school or in a professional therapy setting. 


Davis Life Concepts for Autism

Empowering autistic individuals to participate more fully in a life they choose


Any autistic individual aged eight years or over, who has receptive language (i.e. they can understand what is being said) can benefit from this life-changing program.


This comprehensive five-day workshop equips parents, educators, therapists, and support people with the knowledge and tools to confidently take someone through the Davis Life Concepts for Autism Program in order to help them to participate more fully in a life in the ways they choose. 


If you are a professional or support person who is considering the full training to become a licensed Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Facilitator, click below.

Ron Davis

“What inspired me to help others with autism is that I am myself autistic. I know what it feels like and I know the limitations that exist as a result of it.

I realised that, given I had found my own  way through this chaos (of autism), I could provide a ‘map’ for others of my kind to follow – then there would be value in my existence. The Davis Autism Approach is my best effort at providing that map.”

Ron Davis

Founder, Davis Autism Approach

“A different but truly brilliant approach.  This course has helped me appreciate the amazing gift an autistic person has and to understand that this should be nurtured and not changed.  The beauty of the course is in its simplicity.”


Workshop participant, Professional

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