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Davis Stepping Stones Workshop

Beginning steps to the Davis Autism Approach Program


You can help a young child unlock their knowledge and capabilities with our specialized two-day Davis Stepping Stones Workshop. This course has been tailored specifically for family members, educators and therapists wanting to assist an autistic child (or children) under the age of eight; or a non-speaking autistic individual of any age.


Our talented presenters provide a supportive learning environment that empowers you with the Stepping Stones tools and techniques to create inspiring change in a child’s future.


The Davis Stepping Stones Workshop is rooted in our philosophy of embracing and celebrating neurodiversity, respecting every individual, nurturing growth, and building on strengths to overcome challenges.

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By the end of the workshop, you will have all you need to support a an autistic child or nonspeaking individual effectively. You will be able to guide them to:

  • increase their self-awareness

  • improve self-regulation

  • deal more positively with change

  • cope with meltdowns, and

  • better understand the world around them – all without losing their beautiful uniqueness.


Who can attend the Davis Stepping Stones Workshop?

  • Any family member, educator or therapist working with autistic individuals under the age of eight.

  • Any family member, educator, or therapist working with autistic individuals with low (or no) verbal or receptive language.


What is covered in the Davis Stepping Stones Workshop?

This outstanding two-day workshop takes you through every step of the Davis Stepping Stones Program, providing exceptional training on how to best work with a child at home, school or in a professional therapy setting. You will come away with:

  • a personal set of tools (mental strategies) to help you remain calm and relaxed while working with a young child or student

  • a highly effective set of self-regulation strategies to help the child manage stress, regulate their energy, and enhance their ability to focus

  • methods for facilitating a greater awareness of self and others

  • the ability to teach and actively create the fundamental  life concepts of change, consequence, cause and effect, before and after, using the engaging hands-on method of modelling with plastilina clay, and

  • an understanding of how to create meaningful, positive learning experiences in the home, school or external environment to actively explore these life concepts. This enables the child to integrate their experiences into their personal identity, as a framework for understanding the world, and creates a solid foundation for stimulating positive and lasting change.


What kind of outcomes do children experience ?

Young children who complete the Stepping Stones Program experience many positive changes. Below are examples of some of the most significant improvements that have been reported back to the Foundation:

  • better self-awareness (for e.g. expressing pain appropriately when injured)

  • better self-regulation (can calm themselves down)

  • fewer meltdowns

  • less resistance to change

  • willingness to try new things

  • increased ability to refer to self as ‘I’ or ‘me’

  • increase in imaginative play 

  • growth in language

  • increased understanding of cause and effect, and

  • can follow instructions using the concepts of before and after.


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“This workshop was inspiring, informative, and some of the best professional development we have experienced around the areas of autism and Asperger’s.  As adult learners, we felt valued and inspired to move forward with your program.”   


Teacher, NZ

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