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Our mission is to make the Davis Autism Approach accessible to all, to benefit each individual and the wider community.


People on the autism spectrum are individuals with unique gifts and talents and immense potential.  Yes, there are challenges. However, this does not mean they are ‘broken’, nor does it mean they need to be ‘cured’ or that their autism needs to be ‘fixed’.  


With the right support, these individuals can achieve the most amazing things. 


The Davis Autism Approach helps autistic individuals to build bridges into understanding the sometimes confusing and challenging world around them. By providing access to our programs, we aim to empower them to unlock their beautiful minds and incredible gifts to benefit each individual and our wider community.


We are passionate about helping others recognize the many gifts that autistic individuals possess so, like us, they can celebrate these beautiful minds and support them in making a positive contribution to the world. 


We are also committed to offering the opportunity – through our Davis Concepts for Life programs – for all individuals, not only those on the autism spectrum, to address their own challenges, leave behind negative habits and behaviors, and create meaningful change in their lives.

Core Values


We are dedicated to making the Davis Autism and Concepts for Life programs accessible to all. We want to unlock the knowledge and capabilities of the autistic individual, enabling them to participate in a life they choose. The core values that underpin everything we do on this journey are:

Ron Davis Autism Foundation values
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