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History and Vision


In 2008, Davis Autism International was launched as a private organization to bring the Davis Autism Approach to the world. 


We have trained many passionate, talented individuals to deliver the programs. We now have Davis Autism facilitators working worldwide to empower individuals on the autism spectrum by unlocking their knowledge and capabilities and enabling them to participate in a life they choose. 


The Davis Autism workshops were launched in 2012 to give parents, educators, therapists and support people the essential tools needed to deliver the program to their children, students and clients, respectively. We quickly discovered that learning and delivering the program also had a powerful impact on the people who attended our workshops, even though they were not necessarily on the autism spectrum themselves. This compelled us to develop a second program designed for anyone who wants to create meaningful change in their life. Thus, the Davis Concepts for Life program was born.


Our decision to transform into a charity was based on one desire – to make a positive difference in as many people’s lives as we can.


Every autistic individual deserves to have access to these programs, so they can unlock and share their incredible gifts.


There is power in many people working together on the same mission.  We want to grow together with all those who wish to join us. We are continually expanding our worldwide community to support and empower more people with autism and help all individuals who want to bring about meaningful change in their lives to realize their full potential.

Our vision is for a world in which every autistic individual is able to participate fully in life, in whatever ways they choose.

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