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Ron Davis Autism Foundation provides a non-invasive, gentle approach, created by autistic genius, Ron Davis, that empowers autistic and neurodiverse individuals to overcome their challenges & unlock their potential.


The foundation offers professional training for anyone wishing to become licensed as a Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Facilitator.


Our licensed Facilitators are a world-wide community of talented, caring professionals who offer a range of Davis Autism Approach programs and Davis Concepts for Life programs to individuals of all ages, starting from the age of four all the way through to adults.


Our highly skilled, compassionate Workshop Presenters offer a variety of comprehensive Workshops for family members, educators, therapists, and other support people with an affordable means of accessing high-quality training in the Davis Programs.


As a foundation, we are dedicated to making the Davis Autism programs accessible to all - unlocking the knowledge and capabilities of the autistic individual, enabling them to participate in a life they choose.


Ron Davis is autistic.  As a child, Ron grew up lost in what he later described as the ‘void of autism’. As an adult, he described this place of his early childhood as being immersed in the feeling of pure, unconditional love. 


Ron developed a patchy form of memory around the age of nine, when he started coming out of his autistic world and felt himself being thrust into a physical world full of pain and chaos.  He navigated his way through the chaos and confusion by creating objects, ideas and concepts out of the thick, gooey clay he made by mixing the red dirt in his back yard with water. This clay-modelling practice helped him make sense of the world around him. 


Eventually, this boy who was labelled at the age of 12 as being ‘uneducatably mentally retarded’, and who had endured almost daily beatings from his father and older brother, was found to have the IQ of a genius. By the age of 27, Ron was assessed as having an IQ of 169.


Now in his seventies, Ron’s mission in life is to help others like himself.  He believes that the potential for genius exists in some form in all of us, provided we have solid foundations on which to base our thinking and personal growth. People with autism require specially designed support to embed those crucial foundations.

WATCH RON DAVIS - My journey with autism
“What inspired me to help those with autism is that I am myself autistic.”  Ron Davis
An insight into an incredible man, who created a deeply respectful, powerful program to help autistic children and
adults participate more fully in a life they choose.

Programs crafted by an autistic genius for autistic people


Ron spent many years working with a dedicated group of professionals to create and refine a holistic development program designed to transform the lives of autistic individuals. The resulting Davis Autism Approach Program helps to unlock these beautiful minds and their inherent gifts.


At the Ron Davis Autism Foundation, we understand autism.  We have the utmost respect for those on the autism spectrum.  Our gentle, non-intrusive programs help remove internal barriers and awaken their true potential.


We have seen first hand how our programs empower autistic children and adults to participate more fully in life on their own terms. We are passionate about bringing the Davis Autism programs – the culmination of Ron’s life experience and work – to as many people and their families as possible.


This is how we intend to make a difference in the world.

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