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Davis Life Concepts for Autism Workshop

You can help unlock the knowledge and capabilities of an autistic individual you are supporting, with our in-depth 5-day Davis Life Concepts for Autism Workshop.


This is a course specifically designed for family members, educators and therapists. Our experienced and skilful presenters provide a supportive learning environment that empowers you with proven tools and techniques to create inspiring change for the person you are supporting.


The Davis Autism Approach Programs were created by an autistic man for autistic individuals. It is a deeply respectful and non-intrusive approach that empowers individuals to participate more fully in a life they choose, while retaining the essence of who they are as an autistic individual. 

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By the end of the workshop, you will have all of the tools and materials you need to take an individual through the Davis Life Concepts for Autism Program. You will be able to confidently guide them on a journey to increase their sense of self, improve self-regulation, reduce meltdowns, and develop a greater capacity to participate more fully in the world around them – all without losing their beautiful uniqueness and identity.


Who can attend a Davis Life Concepts for Autism Workshop?

  • Family members, educators and therapists of individuals over the age of eight who are on the autism spectrum.

  • Adult individuals on the autism spectrum who are looking for a self-development program.


What is covered in the Davis Life Concepts for Autism Workshop?

This comprehensive five-day workshop equips you with the knowledge and tools to confidently take someone through the Davis Life Concepts for Autism Program in order to help them to participate more fully in a life in the ways they choose. You will come away with:

  • a personal set of tools (mental strategies) to help you remain calm and relaxed while working with the individual

  • the ability to help the individual to become more present in the world; develop accurate perceptions; gain an awareness of self; and develop the ability to regulate their focus, stress and energy levels 

  • the ability to teach and actively create (using the engaging hands-on method of modelling with plastilina clay) the fundamental life concepts of:

-  change, consequence, cause and effect, before and after, time, sequence, order and disorder

-  continue, survive, perception, thought, experience

-  energy, force, emotion, want, need, intention, and

-  motivation, ability, control, responsibility.

  • an understanding of how to create meaningful, positive learning experiences in the home, school or external environment to actively explore these life concepts. This enables the individual to integrate their experiences into their personal identity, as a framework for understanding the world, and creates a solid foundation for stimulating positive and lasting change.

  • knowledge of how to help an individual to establish order in their physical environment by learning how to use the concepts to establish order, determine order, and create and maintain order

  • the ability to support an individual to develop self-responsibility. You will learn a strategy to foster self-responsibility through identifying which life concept/s are missing and thereby preventing or limiting that individual’s capacity for self-responsibility, and

  • how to facilitate social awareness by exploring the different types of relationships and behaviors we have with others. 


What kind of outcomes do people experience?


Individuals who have completed the Davis Life Concepts for Autism Program have experienced many changes, including:

  • less anxiety

  • increased ability to be able to take part in daily activities and create order in their life

  • willingness to try new things

  • greater capacity to cope with change

  • an ability to cause a positive change in their life

  • a reduction in sensory overload symptoms

  • reductions in meltdowns

  • a greater sense of self, and

  • being better equipped to manage relationships and social interactions.


For more results, please visit our research and testimonial pages.

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 “The Davis Life Concepts for Autism workshop is the best gift I have ever received. Through this I know my son will be the absolute best that he can be.” 


Mother/ workshop participant,  New Zealand

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