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Our highly trained Workshop Presenters offer workshops worldwide, to provide family members, educators, therapists, and other support people with an affordable means of accessing high-quality training in the Davis Programs.


Attending one or more of our workshops will give you the ability to use the Davis Concepts for Life programs to help individuals with Executive Functioning challenges in your home, school, workplace or therapy setting. You will also have an ongoing network of support from like-minded people who are passionate about helping individuals with neurodiversity to create positive change in their lives through a respectful, strength-based approach. 


Our workshops offer the ideal opportunity to provide professional and coordinated wrap-around care for neurodiverse individuals, which can be tailored to their age and specific needs.


Davis Concepts for Life – Early Years Workshop

Beginning steps to the Davis Concepts for Life program


The purpose of the Davis Concepts for Life – Early Years Program is to provide powerful solutions and wrap-around support for young children who are struggling with focus, behavior, relationships, self-regulation, executive functioning or meeting developmental milestones.


The three-day workshop for family members, educators, therapists, and other support people, takes you through every step of the program, providing you with comprehensive training on how to best work with a child at home, school or in a therapy setting. 


Davis Concepts for Life Workshop

Empowering individuals to create meaningful change in their life


The purpose of the Davis Concepts for Life Program is to provide support for any individual over the age of 8 years, who is open to self-development and wants to create meaningful change in their life in the areas of executive functioning, organization, behavior, relationships, and more.


The five-day workshop gives you all of the tools and materials you need to take an individual (or yourself) through the Davis Concepts for Life Program – facilitating the  journey to overcome challenges associated with executive functioning, build a greater sense of self, improve self-regulation, manage stress, increase focus, improve organization, enhance relationships, and take more responsibility for personal growth.



If you are a professional or support person who is considering the full training to become a licensed Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Facilitator, click below.

Ron Davis

“If you eliminate the reason the problem exists, the problem ceases to exist.”

Ron Davis

Founder, Davis Autism Approach

“I had a very enriching learning experience. The presenters were patient, confident and completely committed to ensuring that each participant gets the required attention. Their ability to clear our doubts and answer the questions raised by participants proves their in-depth understanding of the Davis Concepts.”


Workshop Participant, UK

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