Professional Support


The Ron Davis Autism Foundation needs your support to grow our community.


We greatly appreciate any support or services you can offer and invite you to get in touch with us if you feel drawn to our mission of empowering children and adults with autism to participate more fully in the life they choose.


We welcome support and contributions in the following areas:

  • Philanthropic and corporate partnerships

  • Funding and grant proposal writing

  • Fundraising campaigns

  • Research and development 

  • Translation services, particularly Dutch, French, German, Greek, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Japanese and Afrikaans

  • Business mentoring

  • Office space, supplies and equipment

  • Administrative services

  • Invitations to speak at autism-related conferences and large events, or other forums showcasing innovative new ways of addressing societal needs

  • Marketing, awareness raising and information sharing


Please contact us if you can help in any of the above areas, or if you feel there are other ways you can contribute to helping more people access Davis Autism programs and training.




There are so many autistic children and adults in the world who are not yet able to participate fully in the life they would otherwise freely choose. The deeply personal impact this has on each individual and their family cannot be overstated.


Davis Autism programs help to address these constraints and transform the lives of people with autism as well as the lives of the people who love and care for them.


Your donation will help us unlock each person’s unique knowledge and capabilities so they can achieve their true potential.


All donations are enormously appreciated and essential for expanding our reach and ensuring our survival as a non-profit foundation.


Please help us where you can. Your generous gift of:

  • USD$20 can provide modelling clay and tools for an autistic individual to use during their program

  • USD$100 can provide a parent or teacher with a Davis Autism Approach Program toolkit

  • USD$750 can support a parent to attend a training workshop


​The Ron Davis Autism Foundation is registered as a charity within the United States of America (USA). If you are a taxpayer within the USA, your donation will be tax deductible.

Here are some of our priority projects in 2021

Boys at School

Worldwide Access

Translation of materials

Young Family with Pet Dog

COVID-19 Support

Online Workshops for

Parents and Teachers

Adorable Girl

Free Stepping Stones Program

For under 8 year olds on diagnosis

We are open to recommendations and suggestions for special projects. Please contact us.

Image by Chang Duong



A community is created by many people willing to get involved. We welcome help in a variety of different areas, and always need support in fulfilling our everyday operations. If you have some spare time and feel drawn to help us on our quest to make a difference in the lives of people with autism and their families, we would love to hear from you, contact us.



Our work  wouldn't be possible without our sponsors. These individuals and organizations support our mission of making the Davis Autism Approach accessible to those who want and need it


Ron Davis Autism Foundation proudly acknowledges our Foundation Sponsors, those who have donated $5,000 or more cash, or in-kind.


Sue Vittori is Senior Writer and Strategic Communications Specialist at Vittori Communications, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  She is also a member of the Xfactor Collective.

If you are interested in making a donation to Ron Davis Autism Foundation, please visit our Donations page.

If you would like to offer your services, please Contact us .