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Feedback on the Davis Autism Approach® and Davis Concepts for Life® programs

“One of the unique things about the Davis Autism Approach, is that Ron Davis really understands autism from the within. His program truly reaches to the core of who my son is”   
Juliana,  mother


“Ever since I undertook the Davis Autism Approach under the nurturing tutelage of Dr. Angie Gonzales, I have been discovering my essence as an autistic individual.  Within the last several years, my views of autism have evolved to the point that I no longer view autism as a ‘scourge’ that must be harshly dealt with.  As a matter of fact, the autism within me has become a wonderful gift that has compelled me to see the ‘beauty of life’ at a particular instant in time.“

Albert Calleros, USA


“As a parent the biggest gift you can receive is the support to do the very best for your children. The Davis Autism Approach is the biggest and best gift I have ever received, and through this I know my son will be the absolute best he can be.”

Dannette Moriaty, mother


“I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my life. I feel happier within my body and more confident on the outside - so I feel like a totally new me. I feel that all of parts of the program really have helped me and will help me enjoy life and be happy being me in a wonderful, beautiful world with lots of opportunities and experiences to look forward to. I can enjoy living a normal life and see life in all perspectives.  I can’t explain how much it has meant to me and all of my family.”

Amelliane, Davis Autism Approach client


"Simply put, the Davis therapy has allowed us to meet our son for the very first time. We thank God everyday for answering our prayers by introducing this program to our family."

Daniel and Sara,  parents


“My son has developed a stronger sense of self and his own identity. He very rarely speaks in the third person now. He is increasingly more independent as he sleeps in his own bed now and it is easier to leave him with others. He is able to find his own strategies or justification for things happening that he doesn’t like or is unsure of. I appreciate the facilitator’s flexibility, her calm, relaxed approach and her ability to connect and relate to him.”

Mother of a child who completed Davis Stepping Stones


“This program has helped me to understand the world better.  It has helped me to have a sense of purpose and to understand the meaning of choice.  It is also helping to make my separation anxiety go away. I am becoming a lot more confident.”

Isaac, Davis Autism Approach client



Feedback on the Davis Autism Approach® and Davis Concepts for Life® workshops


“The Davis Life Concepts for Autism workshop has helped me develop a sound understanding of how to assist another person to master the concepts.  It has opened up another avenue for me to utilise my clinical skills.”
​Clinical Psychologist, Australia


"This workshop was inspiring, informative, and some of the best professional development we have experienced around the areas of autism and Asperger’s.  As adult learners, we felt valued and inspired to move forward with your program."
Claire Wheeldon, Teacher, New Zealand


“This workshop has revolutionized my inner and outer world.”

Workshop Participant, Canada

"This training is for an approach that must surely work. Facilitated so beautifully and carefully by Melanie, I understood every step of it. I now have a complete roadmap of how to work with those who are missing concepts or who are yet to engage more fully with life concepts and identity. Stunning approach by Ron Davis and highly recommended to train online or in person."

Claire Ashmore, Professional Literacy Support Services, Licensed Davis Dyslexia Facilitator, New Zealand


“The Davis Autism workshop gives a deeper understanding into the autistic world and leaves you with hope of change.”

Melanie Overbay, USA

"I had a very enriching learning experience. The presenters were patient, confident and completely committed to ensuring that each participant gets the required attention. Their ability to clear our doubts and answer the questions raised by participants proves their in-depth understanding of the Davis Concepts. 

The Davis Autism Life Concepts Workshop  is indeed life changing. I would recommend this workshop for every parent, educator and human being as it  helps us connect to the natural laws that govern our life and existence. We often take these concepts for granted and end up making wrong choices in our life. Training in these concepts will not only help us become better human beings but will also empower us to make our environment healthy."

Priti Venkatesan, Head of Special Education Teacher, Licensed Davis Dyslexia Facilitator, India


“This workshop has provided me with the essential concepts toward the  nurturing of  genius from within.”

Workshop participant, USA

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Davis Concepts for Life Program 1 - Mary Martin's Testimonial
Davis Concepts for Life Program 1 - Mary Martin's Testimonial

Davis Concepts for Life Program 1 - Mary Martin's Testimonial

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Davis Autism Approach 1 - Jane Gaylor shares her perspective as a trainee

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