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Do you have a passion for creating inspiring change for autistic and neurodiverse individuals, empowering them to participate more fully in a life they choose?


We offer formal training programs for anyone wishing to become certified as a Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Facilitator, enabling you to offer the holistic, effective Davis Autism and Concepts for Life programs in a licensed capacity, with the support of the Ron Davis Autism Foundation.


Our Facilitator licensing training ensures that individuals who are autistic or have executive functioning challenges have access to the support of appropriately qualified Davis Facilitators worldwide.


The licensing training program is the primary pathway to becoming a licensed Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Facilitator. Completing the full training program enables you to practice in a licensed capacity, with ongoing guidance and development opportunities from the Foundation.


This training is designed to harness your passion for helping others and develop your knowledge, expertise and ability to bring about positive change in the lives of the children and adults who can most benefit from receiving a Davis Autism Approach or Davis Concepts for Life Program.


We provide three training pathways to full licensing, depending on your qualifications and previous experience.

Full Licensing

For those who do not yet have any qualifications or work experience with autism, but who wish to support and empower neurodivergent individuals.

Post-Graduate  Licensing

For those with current qualifications and experience in the field of autism. This may include: therapists,  teachers, psychologists, and other professionals.

Davis Dyslexia Post-Grad Licensing

For Davis Dyslexia Facilitators who wish to extend their practice and become licensed in delivering the Davis Autism and Concepts for Life Programs.

“The Davis Concepts for Life program changed our lives so dramatically, I pursued my Facilitator’s license. As a family we are unified – we laugh together, we cry together, we grow together, we lift each other up. This just did not happen prior to this program.”


Mary Martin, Davis Autism Approach Facilitator, USA

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