Ron Davis Autism Foundation is made up of heart-centered people from all over the world who are working together and contributing their strengths and resources to create positive change in the world of autism.

Ron Davis Autism Foundation community

We believe a strong foundation is needed to support and sustain growth. Everything we do in our heart-based work – our very essence – is rooted in this philosophy.


We are providing a strong foundation so our diverse community of facilitators, clients, supporters and partners can continue to branch out and spread its impact across the world. This cannot happen without your support.


We invite you to help us pursue and fulfil our mission to unlock the knowledge and capabilities of autistic individuals and enable them to participate in the life they choose.

Ron Davis Autism Foundation Board Members

Melanie Curry – ​President and CEO, Founding Director

Melanie Curry CEO Board President Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Melanie Curry is an experienced primary teacher; Licensed Davis® Autism and Concepts for Life Training Supervisor, Workshop Presenter and Facilitator; and a Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Workshop Presenter and Facilitator. 


Through her many years classroom teaching, it became apparent to Melanie that traditional teaching methods were not working for individuals with neurodiversity. She saw many beautiful children slipping through the cracks of the education system.  Melanie made it her mission to find an approach that works with the strengths of the neurodivergent thinking style to empower these individuals to unlock their potential.  This led her to the Davis Autism programs, and ever since Melanie has been working successfully with clients of all ages to help them unlock their knowledge and capabilities. 


Melanie manages the running of the Foundation from our international office in New Zealand. She is dedicated to the foundation’s mission of making the Davis Autism programs accessible to all and, in so doing, unlocking the gifts in each unique and beautiful mind to benefit these individuals and the wider community.

Livia Wong – Vice President, Director

Livia Wong VP Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Livia started Amaze Learning Solutions, one of Hong Kong’s leading therapy centers for children and adults with learning deficits and ASD. A trained speech therapist and an audiologist, she witnessed a lot of miracles with her clients when traditional therapy fell short.


Since 2000, Livia has been a part of the bigger Davis family and unleashed the potential of many who experienced all kinds of learning challenges, including ASD. She is among the first people to use NOIT in its initial field trials and ever since, achieved amazing results. Her next goal is to share the knowledge and success of Davis Autism Approach with people across the continents.


Livia is the proud mother of two teenage boys, loves to sing, and has been conducting her church choir for many years.

Jackie Ward – Chief Financial Officer, Founding Director

Jackie Ward CFO Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Jacqueline Ward is a bookkeeper with over 25 years of experience helping small businesses, retired persons, and non-profit organizations.  She is honored to be a Founding Director of the Ron Davis Autism Foundation, and is the Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer.  Since 1997, she has been working with Davis Dyslexia Association International and later with Davis Autism International in business management and accounting.  Over the years, Jackie has seen the unique transformation Davis® programs can bring to individuals and families, including her own.  She is a small business owner, community volunteer, artist, wife and proud mother of three young men.

Lorna Timms – Founding Director

Lorna Timms Director Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Lorna Timms is an educator with a passion for curriculum development and guiding others to ‘learn how to learn’. For the past 30 years she has been immersed in education, assisting people with learning differences, including autism. Lorna is a talented educator, facilitator and international speaker whose focus is to draw on the gifts and talents of individuals in order to overcome their learning challenges. Lorna is one of the founding trustees of the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand, and is intent on changing how society supports and empowers people with autism.

Dr Angela L. Gonzales – Director

Dr. Angie Gonzales Director Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Dr. Angela L. Gonzales (Dr. Angie) is a Pediatrician, Licensed Davis® Facilitator, Licensed Davis® Autism and Concepts for Life Facilitator, parenting specialist, transformational speaker, and mother of three. Currently, Angie owns and runs Dr. Angie’s Place in Norco, CA.  Dr. Angie’s Place is a learning and wellness facility where Angie applies her Davis® Facilitator License, medical expertise and life experience.  She has also recently expanded her work into consulting for the Corona Norco Unified School District as well as joining the roster as a Guest Lecturer at California Baptist University. As a motivational and instructional speaker and educator, Angie has dedicated herself to helping people of all ages find joy and peace in their lives … especially parents.  Angie works to empower clients, educators and parents with skills and techniques that help overcome the obstacles of learning and social interaction that can accompany the unique thinking styles of neurodiverse individuals.

Paula McCarthy  – Director

Paula McCarthy director Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Paula is the Director of training and licensing for the Davis Dyslexia Association International in Burlingame, California. She began her career with “Davis” over twenty years ago, initially working for the Reading Research Council, Davis Dyslexia Correction Center.  This is where she witnessed the positive and sometimes dramatic results experienced by the many adults and children, after having completed a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program.  Many times these individuals began the Davis Program feeling hopeless, only to be empowered to then continue to move forward with newly found self-confidence.  The Davis Program enabled these people to discover their inherent gifts and then learn how to control the unwanted perceptual distortions, as well as how to eliminate the reason for the problem in the first place.


 In her tenure with Davis, Paula has worked with Facilitator trainees, who travel from around the world to the training center in Burlingame, to become licensed Davis Facilitators. She is very proud of the hard work and dedication of these Facilitators.


Paula has been here from the beginning, appreciating the tremendous amount of work, collaborations with Ron Davis, and the dedication of the gifted minds behind the success, not only of the Davis Autism Approach, but also of the launching of the Ron Davis Autism Foundation.  “To see this come to light has been a humbling and enlightening experience.” 


The work of Ron Davis, whether it be for dyslexia or autism, has left a profound impression.  She feels fortunate to both Ron and Alice Davis, to be a part of an association whose goals are to increase worldwide awareness of the perceptual gifts and talents that accompany and give rise to dyslexia, and to allow autistic individuals to participate more fully in life.  Paula acknowledges that all people’s abilities and talents should be recognized and valued and that learning difficulties can be corrected.

Ron Davis Autism Foundation Administration

Damaris Ramos  – Officer/Secretary, Fundraising Administrative Co-ordinator

Damaris Ramos Fundraising Administrator Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Damaris Ramos is the Board Secretary and Fundraising and Administration Coordinator based in our Californian office.

She speaks fluent Spanish as well as English, and has worked in local high schools supporting special needs children for many years. 

Damaris has been involved in fundraising for as long as she can remember, through her family’s church and her children’s schools, as well as supporting a number of other non-profit community organizations.

Caroline Dougherty – Executive Administrator

Caroline Doughtery Adminstrator Ron Davis Autism Foundation

Caroline joins us from her home in Auckland, New Zealand.  She is a busy mother of 2, with a varied background including a long history of working with children both in NZ and overseas. When not spending time with her family and helping the children get the most out of life, Caroline is an avid crafter.   She always has multiple knitting and sewing projects on the go at any one time.  Caroline is passionate about giving back to her community and has found ways to that through her crafts. She is an active member of a social enterprise that connects people to limit social isolation while knitting hats that are donated to people in need. 

Ron Davis Autism Foundation Hub Members

Community Outreach and Support

Livia Wong

Livia Wong

Melanie Curry

Melanie Curry

Cathie Geraci

Cathie Geraci

Chantal Wyseur

Chantal Wyseur

Research and Development

Melanie Curry

Melanie Curry

Tessa Halliwell

Tessa Halliwell

Cathie Geraci

Cathie Geraci

Training, Licensing and Support Hub

Melanie Curry

Melanie Curry

Anna Mataczynski

Anne Mataczynski

Shelley McMeeken

Shelley McMeeken