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Our highly trained Workshop Presenters offer workshops worldwide, to provide family members, educators, therapists, and other support people with an affordable means of accessing high-quality training in the Davis Programs.


Attending one or more of our workshops will give you the ability to use the Davis Autism or Concepts for Life programs to help Autistic individuals and/or Executive Functioning challenges in your home, school, workplace or therapy setting.


You will also have an ongoing network of support from like-minded people who are passionate about helping individuals with neurodiversity to create positive change in their lives through a respectful, strength-based approach. 


Our workshops offer the ideal opportunity to provide professional and coordinated wrap-around care for autistic individuals and/or Executive Functioning challenges, which can be tailored to their age and specific needs.

Davis Autism Approach Workshops


These have been created to educate family members, educators and therapists in how to use our programs with an autistic individual they are supporting.

Davis Concepts for Life Workshops


These are for family members, educators and therapists wanting to assist individuals, who are not on the autism spectrum, but who have challenges in areas such as executive functioning, behavior, ability to focus or organize, and relationships.

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Meet our presenters

Melanie Curry 

Melanie Curry Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter

Melanie Curry is Director of Training for the Ron Davis Autism Foundation. She is a trained primary school teacher (Dip.Teach, B.Ed) with a wealth of classroom experience, and a highly experienced Davis Autism Approach Facilitator, Workshop Presenter and Trainer. She is dedicated to empowering neurodivergent individuals and their families to participate more fully in their life, their way. She loves supporting autistic individuals; family members; educators; therapists; Davis Autism Facilitators and trainees alike, in using the Davis Autism Approach to create meaningful change in the gentle and holistic way it was designed.

Dr. Angela Gonzales

Dr. Angie Gonzales Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter

Angie loves the idea of empowering unique thinkers with autism, dyslexia and ADHD. She is a licensed Davis Autism Facilitator and Workshop Presenter, and a licensed pediatrician. But most importantly, she is a mom of a twice exceptional individual. It was the journey to helping her son overcome his learning obstacles and embrace his strengths that she found the Davis programs. She is passionate about the Davis philosophy and techniques and is dedicated to helping others on their journey to participate fully in the life of their choosing.

Tessa Halliwell

Tessa Halliwell Davis Stepping Stones Presenter

Tessa has a background in psychology (BSc) and education (MA). The challenges of parenting neurodiverse children led her to discover Davis programmes and she has been a licensed Davis facilitator since 2004. Her mission is to provide the opportunity for others to benefit and explore this unique approach.

Sonja Heinrich

Sonja Heinrich Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter

Sonja's major interest in psychology and communication (MA education) has continued to shape her work for over twenty years, since the Davis work had found her in 1996. As co-director of one of the Davis training organisations in Europe, trainer and workshop presenter in the areas of learning and autism she loves networking the Davis autism approach with scientific principles such as polyvagal theory and finds communicating - specifically with people on the autism spectrum - a great inspiration and joy. 

Anne Mataczynski

Anne Mataczynski Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter

Anne has her Master's Degree in Education and taught several years before becoming a Davis Dyslexia Facilitator and a Davis Autism Approach Facilitator, Workshop Presenter, and Supervisor.  She thoroughly enjoys working with individuals who are interested in learning about these life changing workshops! 

Larry and Stacey Smith

Larry Smith Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter
Stacey Smith Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter

Larry and Stacey have a passion for working with those with autism.  They have been offering services for children and adults on the spectrum for over thirty years in their roles as public school teachers, adult placement and job coaches, Special Olympics coaches, community life-skills program coordinators, directors of Rocky Point Academy in Calgary, and Davis Autism Approach Facilitator/Coach/Specialist/Presenters.  The Davis Autism Approach has had a personal impact on their family, as Larry and two of their daughters are on the autism spectrum.  They are grateful for the opportunity to share the program that has opened so many doors of possibility for themselves, their clients, and their clients' families.

Richard Whitehead

Richard Whitehead Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter

Richard is author of the popular online course, Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?, a fifteen-part e-mentoring course for teachers of struggling learners. More recently, he has authored a book bearing the same name, which was published in paperback and Kindle edition in July 2017. The book and course draw on Richard’s background as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), classroom teacher, dyslexia assessor and dyslexia practitioner and pay especial regard to the work of Ronald Davis.

Livia Wong

Livia Wong Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Workshop Presenter

Livia understands the frustration of ASD individuals and their families. For the past 25 years, she has helped Chinese and English-speaking students who struggle in learning, social communications and personal organization. She is a Licensed Davis Facilitator and Workshop Presenter. Livia has her own private practice as a speech therapist/audiologist, where she works one-on-one with her clients, helping them build on their intrinsic gifts towards transformational changes. A strong believer in the power of simplicity, Livia is proud to contribute to educating families, caregivers and professionals in using the Davis Method that offers simplest solutions to big problems.

“The Davis Autism Life Concepts Workshop  is indeed life changing. I would recommend this workshop for every parent, educator and human being as it  helps us connect to the natural laws that govern our life and existence. We often take these concepts for granted and end up making wrong choices in our life. Training in these concepts will not only help us become better human beings but will also empower us to make our environment healthy.”


Priti Venkatesan, Licensed Davis Dyslexia Facilitator, India

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