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The Davis Concepts for Life programs are designed for individuals who do not have a diagnosis of autism, but who experience challenges with executive functioning skills, stress, anxiety, reduced focus, self-regulation, and behavior management, taking responsibility, and maintaining positive relationships.


Davis interventions are gentle, respectful and incredibly powerful. They are grounded in our philosophy of embracing and celebrating neurodiversity, respecting every individual, nurturing growth, and building on each person’s strengths to overcome challenges.


There are two Davis Concepts for Life programs available, depending on the age of the individual. Your Davis Concepts for Life facilitator will help you to determine the best program to suit the needs of the individual.


Davis Concepts for Life – Early Years Program

Beginning steps to the Davis Concepts for Life program


Davis Concepts for Life has been designed for individuals under the age of 8, covering the beginning steps of the Davis Concepts for Life program. It provides powerful wrap-around support for children who are struggling with focus, behavior, relationships, self-regulation, executive functioning, or meeting developmental milestones.



Davis Concepts for Life Program
Empowering individuals to create meaningful change in their life


The Davis Concepts for Life program is suited to any individual over the age of 8 years, who is open to self-development and wants to create meaningful change in their life in the areas of executive functioning, organization, behavior, relationships, and more. This includes children, teenagers, and adults. Each program is tailored to the specific needs, interests, and abilities of the individual.



These programs are both facilitated programs with a fully trained Davis Concepts for Life facilitator.  You may also wish to explore a workshop where you are personally up-skilled to provide the program for an individual.  You can also contact us to help you decide which option is best.

Ron Davis

“If you eliminate the reason the problem exists, the problem ceases to exist.”

Ron Davis

Founder, Davis Autism Approach

“The program gave us ways of questioning the 'hows’ and 'whys’ of difficult concepts, events and situations, and began to give my daughter both a sense of independence and ability to relate to others. Our facilitator was incredibly patient and allowed us to explore the content of sessions rather than direct us to a particular outcome.”


Mother, Davis Concepts for Life client

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