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Our Programs


The Davis Autism Approach was developed by Ron Davis, an autistic man with the IQ of a genius, to help transform the lives of autistic people and their families.


Davis interventions are gentle, respectful and incredibly powerful. The programs are grounded in our philosophy of embracing and celebrating neurodiversity, respecting every individual, nurturing growth, and building on each person’s strengths to overcome challenges.


All of our programs have a core component of actively creating vital life concepts out of modelling clay. Having a strong hands-on and visual focus means the learning experience is easeful and effective. 


Each concept is modelled and ‘mastered’ under the patient and skilful guidance of a qualified Davis Facilitator, and then explored in the surrounding environment. This enables the individual to integrate their experiences of each concept as a framework for understanding the world around them.  It lays the internal foundations each person can then build on to create positive change for themselves.


Every Davis program recipient also learns simple, highly effective self-regulation tools and practices for stress management, energy regulation, and enhancing focus. These unique mental strategies ensure that each person being guided through one of our programs is in the best possible state to internalize the life concepts and grow from their experience.  


Our highly skilled and caring Davis Autism Approach/Concepts for Life Facilitators are licensed to offer two types of life-changing programs:

Davis Autism Approach program


These have been designed by Ron Davis, an autistic genius, to help individuals on the autism spectrum, and their families, participate more fully in a life they choose.

Davis Concepts for Life Program


These are designed to help individuals who, while they may not have Autism Spectrum Disorder, still face challenges in areas such as executive functioning, focus, organization, behavior, and relationships.

The Davis program opens a new door on life, but does not shut the door

on the past nor detract from the spirit of the individual."

Abigail Marshall, from 'Autism and the Seeds of Change'  

To read the Davis Program Delivery Standards - click here

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