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Post-Graduate Licensing Training

Therapists, psychologists, educators, and other professionals have found the missing tools for their professional toolkit to facilitate impactful and lasting change for their autistic and neurodiverse clients and students.

This training stream is for professionals who hold current qualifications and experience in the field of autism and are passionate about creating inspiring change for autistic  individuals, as well as individuals struggling with executive functioning challenges. This may include therapists, psychologists, educators and other professionals.

Post-graduate Licensing Training is a comprehensive training stream that takes into account the existing level of knowledge and expertise you already possess as a qualified professional.

The Post-graduate Training pathway builds on your existing skill set, adding the detailed knowledge, experience and skills required to become a licensed Davis Autism and Concepts for Life Facilitator. As a trainee, you will participate in practical workshops, complete written assignments and work with individuals during practicums, under the supportive guidance of your personal supervisor.

What characteristics are necessary for success as a Davis Autism and Concepts for Life Facilitator?


Our professional training is rooted in our philosophy of embracing neurodiversity, respecting every individual, nurturing growth and building on strengths to overcome challenges.


Our Facilitators embody the following characteristics:

  • Respect for autistic individuals and their families

  • Patience and calmness in their approach

  • Observant without judgement

  • Sensitive and alert to non-verbal communication

  • Empathetic vs sympathetic

  • Enjoys fun and play

  • Holds the belief that autistic individuals can be guided towards full participation in a life they choose


What benefits will you receive as a licensed Davis Autism and Concepts for Life facilitator?

In addition to being part of a supportive worldwide community actively working together to create inspiring change in the world of autism, you will also receive:

  • your business listing on Ron Davis Autism Foundation website

  • referrals of program enquiries received by Ron Davis Autism Foundation

  • the right to use Davis trademarks when promoting and advertising yourself as a licensed Facilitator for the Davis Autism Approach Program and Davis Concepts for Life program

  • the right to print copyrighted marketing material created by Ron Davis Autism Foundation

  • the right to purchase specialized Davis Autism and Concepts for Life resources from authorized vendors

  • access to regular professional development opportunities offered by Ron Davis Autism Foundation

  • subscription to the Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Facilitator network for peer support and advice

  • periodic e-newsletters and technical updates and bulletins from Ron Davis Autism Foundation

  • consultation with Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Supervisors as needed, and

  • the right to offer NOIT (Natural Orientation Inducing Tool) supervision to families of non-verbal autistic individuals.

“The Davis Concepts for Life program changed our lives so dramatically, I pursued my Facilitator’s license. As a family we are unified – we laugh together, we cry together, we grow together, we lift each other up. This just did not happen prior to this program.”


Mary Martin, Davis Autism Approach Facilitator, USA

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