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How can the Davis Autism Approach® help you?


The Davis Autism Approach program was created by Ron Davis, an autistic man to help other autistic individuals. 


This program uses a gentle, non-intrusive approach that will empower you to participate more fully in life in the ways you choose. This program will deeply respect and develop your individual character and essence, thereby enhancing what makes you uniquely YOU. 


A fully trained, caring Davis Autism Facilitator will work closely with you to guide you through the program. Each licensed facilitator is trained to deliver the program at a pace and in a style that best suits your personal needs.


Clients who have completed the program have experienced too many positive changes to list here. These are some examples of the types of improvements Davis Autism Facilitators regularly see in their clients’ ability to participate more fully in life. These outcomes are in the process of being verified through independent research:


  • Less anxiety

  • Greater sense of self

  • Reduced sensory overload symptoms

  • Reduced or less intense emotional meltdowns

  • Greater capacity to cope with change

  • More willing to try new things

  • Greater ability to cause a change in your life

  • Increased ability to take part in daily activities and create order in your life

  • Better interpersonal communication skills

  • Lower social anxiety

  • Better able to establish and maintain relationships with others


The main elements in the three-step Davis Autism Approach program are:


Step 1 – Self-Regulation

Developing a greater awareness of ‘Self’ and mastering a set of simple, effective self-regulation tools to improve personal focus, stress management and energy regulation.


Step 2 – New Foundations

Clay mastery of a series of life concepts, complemented with learning experiences that are fundamental to understanding and participating more effectively in the world. These concepts include: change, consequence, cause and effect, time, sequence, order/disorder, experience, motivation, and responsibility.


Step 3 – Building Bridges

Understanding different types of relationships, and social and emotional development

“If I could find my own way through this chaos [of autism] I could provide a ‘map’ for others of my kind to follow, then there would be value in my existence.  The Davis Autism Approach is my best effort at providing that map.” – Ron Davis, Founder

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