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The Davis Autism Approach has the potential to change the way our society supports individuals and families living with the challenges of autism and neurodiversity.

Ron Davis Autism Foundation provides scholarships to enable anyone to access the Davis Autism Approach, who does not have the means to otherwise do so.


Our goal through our scholarship program is that many thousands of autistic and neurodivergent children and adults are supported and empowered to unlock their incredible gifts and live longer, happier, healthier lives. 

We offer three types of Scholarships

To enable parents, educators, therapists, & health professionals to attend Davis Workshops, in order to be able to work with an individual using the Davis Autism Approach. 

We are incredibly grateful to, and proud of, our donors who made it possible for us to award our 2023 Workshop Scholarships.


To enable low-income families, and those from disadvantaged communities to access Davis Autism Approach Programs with a licensed facilitator.

We are incredibly grateful to, and proud of, our donors who made it possible for us to award our 2023 Program Scholarships.




To enable people working with autistic individuals in disadvantaged communities to train to become a licensed

Davis Autism Approach facilitator.

We are unfortunately unable to accept applications for Training Scholarships in 2023, due to lack of available funds.










Workshop Scholarship Recipients


Carim Lategan Ron Davis Autism Foundation scholarship recipient

Carin Lategan was among the first recipients of a scholarship to attend a Davis workshop.

Carin, an autism therapist based in South Africa, was searching for better solutions for her clients, who come from very disadvantaged backgrounds.

After participating in the Davis Life Concepts for Autism Workshop, Carin understands autism from the perspective of an autistic person.

She feels equipped with the tools needed to empower her clients to reach their full potential.

“You enriched my life as a therapist,” says Carin. “I can now contribute to the lives of many others who really need this.”


Khushbu Ron Davis Autism Foundation scholarship recipient

When Khushbu first came to Ron Davis Autism Foundation, she was trying to find answers for her 4-year-old autistic child so that he was “able to engage better in his life at school and at home."

Khushbu received a scholarship from the Ron Davis Autism Foundation to attend a Davis Stepping Stones workshop last year.


After completing the workshop, Khushbu shared, "The workshop has given me a road map as to how to further go about helping my son. I am confident that this will in turn benefit my family as a whole."

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

Your opportunity to make a difference

We are committed to making the Davis Autism Approach accessible to all through our scholarships. We can only achieve this through support from generous donors.

You have the opportunity to provide support, enabling many more people from disadvantaged, low-socioeconomic groups and communities to receive scholarships. What a gift to the world that is!

“We are a young charity with a bold vision of unlocking the gifts of autism to benefit humanity and this precious planet we all share.

By supporting us on our journey to expand our activities to support millions of autistic individuals worldwide, you will be helping unlock future possibilities we can barely begin to imagine.”

Melanie Curry, Founding Director

Workshop Scholarship Recipients

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