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How can you support your students/clients using the Davis Autism Approach® program?


As a professional, whether you are a teacher, therapist or psychologist, the Davis Autism Approach Program is an invaluable tool to incorporate into your professional skillset and toolkit.


The Davis Autism Approach program was created by Ron Davis, an autistic man to help other autistic individuals. 


This program uses a gentle, non-intrusive approach that empowers each individual to participate more fully in life in the ways they choose. It deeply respects and develops each person’s individual character and essence.


This program is ideal for autistic individuals over the age of eight.  Younger clients can complete the Davis Stepping Stones Program, which has been designed to deliver the beginning steps of the Davis Autism Approach to young children.

Clients who have completed the Davis Autism Approach Program have experienced too many positive changes to list here. These are some examples of the types of improvements Davis Autism Facilitators regularly see in their clients’ ability to participate more fully in life. These outcomes are in the process of being verified through independent research:


  • Less anxiety

  • Greater sense of self

  • Reduced sensory overload symptoms

  • Reduced or less intense emotional meltdowns

  • Greater capacity to cope with change

  • More willing to try new things

  • Greater ability to cause a change in your life

  • Increased ability to take part in daily activities and create order in your life

  • Better interpersonal communication skills

  • Lower social anxiety

  • Better able to establish and maintain relationships with others


How can I access the training in the Davis Autism Approach?


As a professional, you can choose from two training pathways to learn the Davis Autism Approach:


Training Pathway One – Davis Autism Approach ‘101’: Attend a Davis Life Concepts for Autism Workshop

Highly skilled, experienced Davis Autism Workshop Presenters run these comprehensive 5-day workshops worldwide.  In these workshops, you will gain essential introductory knowledge and tools to be able to take a student or client through the Davis Autism Approach program in a non-licensed capacity.

Training Pathway Two – Davis Autism Full Training:

Our comprehensive training program is the pathway for those wishing to become a licensed Davis Autism / Concepts for Life Facilitator. Once fully licensed, you can offer these programs as an integral component of your professional services.

"This workshop was inspiring, informative, and some of the best professional development we have experienced around the areas of autism and Asperger’s.  As adult learners, we felt valued and inspired to move forward with your program."
Claire Wheeldon, Teacher, New Zealand

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