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WATCH RON DAVIS - My journey with autism

“What inspired me to help those with autism is that I am myself autistic.”  Ron Davis


An insight into an incredible man, who created a deeply respectful, powerful program to help autistic children and
adults participate more fully in a life they choose.

How we help

The Ron Davis Autism Foundation does not view or treat autism as a condition that needs fixing or correcting.
Our groundbreaking programs empower individuals with neurodiversity to unlock their inherent gifts,

so they can participate more fully in their life, their way.


We are a non-profit foundation registered in the USA, providing training and workshops worldwide in the Davis Autism Approach and Davis Concepts for Life programs, and supporting a growing worldwide community of Licensed Facilitators. Our skilled, caring facilitators provide expert help and support for individuals of all ages, starting from the age of four right through to adulthood, who are autistic or struggle with executive functioning challenges.

Davis Autism

Help for those with autism

The Davis Autism Approach has been designed by an autistic genius to gently and progressively unlock the beautiful minds and gifts of autistic individuals.

Davis Concepts for Life.png

Davis Concepts for Life

The Davis Concepts for Life programs are designed to help individuals who, while they may not have Autism Spectrum Disorder, still face challenges in areas such as executive functioning, focus, organization, behavior, and relationships.

“If I had not chosen the Davis Autism Approach, I most certainly would have been consigned to leading a life of profound misery in which I would still be trapped in the 'netherworld' of autism for the rest of my life.”  

Albert, 47, California, USA

“This program has enabled me to become who I’m meant to be, rather than pushing me out in a predetermined shape. It helps the good parts of my autism to shine through, so I can be my best self. And that’s so important, because those of us with autism really do have something to contribute to this world.”

Samantha, 16, Melbourne, Australia

“Simply put, the Davis therapy has allowed us to meet our son for the very first time. We thank God every day for answering our prayers by introducing this program to our family.”

Daniel and Sara, parents, USA