Workshop Schedule

Entry-level Workshops


Ron Davis Autism Foundation offers workshops in several countries to provide family members, educators, therapists, and other support people with an affordable means of accessing high-quality training in the Davis Programs.


Attending one or more of our workshops will give you the ability to use the Davis Autism or Concepts for Life programs to help Autistic individuals and/or Executive Functioning challenges in your home, school, workplace or therapy setting. You will also have an ongoing network of support from like-minded people who are passionate about helping individuals with neurodiversity to create positive change in their lives through a respectful, strength-based approach. 


Our workshops offer the ideal opportunity to provide professional and coordinated wrap-around care for autistic individuals and/or Executive Functioning challenges, which can be tailored to their age and specific needs.

Davis Autism


These have been created to educate family members, educators and therapists in how to use our programs with an autistic individual they are supporting.



These are for family members, educators and therapists wanting to assist individuals, who are not on the autism spectrum, but who have challenges in areas such as executive functioning, behavior, ability to focus or organize, and relationships.

Professional Facilitator Training


Our formal training programs ensure that individuals with ASD or executive functioning challenges have access to the support of appropriately qualified Davis Facilitators worldwide.


The licensing training program is the primary pathway to becoming a licensed Davis Autism Approach and Concepts for Life Facilitator. Completing the full training program enables you to practice in a licensed capacity, with ongoing guidance and development opportunities from the Foundation.


This training is designed to harness your passion for helping others and develop your knowledge, expertise and ability to bring about positive change in the lives of the children and adults who can most benefit from receiving a Davis Autism Program.


We provide three training pathways to full licensing, depending on your interests, qualifications and previous experience.

Full Licensing

For those who do not have any qualifications or work experience with autism.

Post-Grad Licensing

For those with current qualifications and experience in the field of autism. This may include: therapists,  teachers, psychologists, and other professionals.

Davis Dyslexia Post-Grad Licensing

For Davis Dyslexia Facilitators who wish to extend their practice and become licensed in delivering the Davis Autism and Concepts for Life Programs.

"This workshop added value to my understanding of how we can help people on the autism spectrum, specifically using effective strategies to teach and understand consequence, cause and effect, and time.  The presenter was so professional and compassionate, and the course content provided valuable tools that I am grateful to have been exposed to and coached through in this excellent course."
Andrea Young, Davis Life Concepts for Autism workshop participant